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Country Music Video

The Good and Bad Side of a Country Music Video from a Music Entertainer's Perspective

There are two ideas people have of a Country music video. Like everything, one is good, and the other is not so much in favor of a Country music video. On the good side, it is fun for artists to make videos that follow a song's words. It paints a picture of what the artist is saying in the music and can make a person feel what the artist is putting out there. To have a visual helps some people see a storyline or adds entertainment to a song. Songs tell a story, emotion, or feeling of heartbreak, happiness, family, or life. When the theatrics of a Country music video clash with the song's lyrics, it can add value to the song. On the bad side of a Country music video, it can also steal from the listener what the artist is saying. What one person hears in a song may not be the same for another person. Having a visual can take away the different meanings in the mind of the listener.

Like Don Smythe, a music entertainer can make the listener hear a song and see what the lyrics say in their mind. That is a true music entertainer. Most of his songs being traditional Country music has a feel of taking a person back as far as the old western days of Roy Rogers or Gene Autry. Other pieces one can hear are the new style of music like Alan Jackson or George Strait. Chris Stapleton is one of those traditional artists who kept it Country in this millennial era. The voice of Don Smythe does not match Chris Stapleton by any means, but the traditional style of each music entertainer is definitely there. That is what makes all the difference and keeps the audience and listeners entertained.

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