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Country Musician Singer

A Country Musician Singer Sings From the Heart

Don Smythe Country Musician is from New Zealand and covers some of the golden classics of Country Music and mixes it with a little new stuff. He also has a few original songs that his wife Shirley Smythe and he wrote and recorded.  Five tracks from his new album “Country Songs From The Heart Vol. II" were released for airplay on the 4th of April 2020, and Don Smythe is pleased with the outcome and feedback. Don Smythe kept the tradition in Country Music when making this album, and people appreciate him for it. Many people are upset with the new trend of Country Music because it lost its sense of tradition and its heart and soul. Don Smythe is an older artist, but he kept it Country. People who are still interested in Classic Country Music love the new songs on the album, and many say the album was produced and mixed very well. New albums with Classic Country in it does not do very well on the market, but this one is doing well, which says a lot about how people really feel about the real Country Music.

As a Country musician singer, Don Smythe's new album shows the battle and the struggle of keeping Country Music alive. A true Country musician singer has a hard time with the traditional songs, but this album is finding the light of the day. His voice is not rare, but his heart speaks through his music. That is what is missing with today's Country music, and it is slowly making a comeback because people are tired of the money taking over what Country music stands for in the world. When people hear the heart and soul in a song, they appreciate its authentic style. It speaks to them, and they feel it in their soul. That is the whole idea of what Don Smythe is working to bring back to the world of Country music.

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