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Worldwide music reviews, as written by other Country Artists & Musicians, Country Radio Stations and their DJ's on my recorded covers and original single tracks...

It's Called Being Love

Andrew Wallace Rockin Country – Fraser Coast FM 107.5 - One of the best, written with true love & sung with passion, by far my favorite song of yours Don and is in the playlist in tomorrow's program. (11-04-2020)

Professional elaborated Country Song 

I like good country music. Best conditions to write something about this song.
Wonderful sounding acoustic guitars and perfect drums puts one immediately into the right mood. Virtuoso solos accompany the whole song and make the music complete. All instruments extremely good played and stand out.
The intro feels like a story. The lyrics come from the heart and once Don Smythe starts singing, the song becomes interesting because of his unique vocals. He captures the mood and brings a sympathetic feel into the song. He has a great talent to give an account in words about a love relation, including all the relevant characteristics, qualities, or events.

Perfect orchestrated imaginative transitions from the acoustic-guitars making the song lively and increases the tune. Overall a really impressive and professional arrangement and definitely very creative. I´m sure you will like to add this song. Let others know your recommendation.
Reviewed by
KAIJY PRO (09-04-2020)
Germany, Hamburg  (5.0 Stars)

It's Called Being In Love

A peach doesn't always come from a peach tree

What a stunning intro into this soft ballad, I'm a fish on the hook.
The lyrics are simple but delivered in a way that you can't help but sing-a-long to. There is a certain cheekiness in-between the lines which brings a smile to a cheeky fella like me.

The music is so good from top to bottom, excellent production and mix. I can honestly say, this isn't my usual favorite style of music, but I can't help but applaud a wonderful song that certainly brought a smile to my face. Top marks Don, Bravo !

Reviewed by Peter T. Newton  Apr 30-2020
United Kingdom, Jersey Channel Islands (5.0 Star)

Night Alone With You
A Night Alone With You Cover

A Night Alone With You 

Good day, Another catchy tune. The lyrics...A good subject to sing about, A night alone with you... the story of wanting in everyday love life. You have a voice that fits with the traditional country sound and the harmonies are great and lifts the song blending well with your voice. The melody is such a pleasant listening foot-tapping one and the musicians have done their job well. I like the instrumental that breaks up the song.

Reviewed by JOHNNY SHILO  Aug 12-2019

Australia, Melbourne  (5.0 Star)

Fan Mail

Is that Bob Wills in your pocket? Or a Marty Robbins encore? Either way, I love it! Can I borrow your voice for a few sessions? Seriously, very good music, and you take me back to the glory days of western swing! I hope you're around forever, and never sleep, just record 24/7! Thank you for a very enjoyable song, and performance.

Reviewed by Ronald Meador  Oct 15-2019

United States, Texas, Wichita Falls  (4.4 Star)

Well Done

Great lyrics and tune for traditional country music which is making a comeback in Texas. Which is a good thing. Great production and Quality musicianship. Well put together and very commercial. Keep it alive Traditional country that is what I Love.

Reviewed by Blake Crenshaw  Oct 04-2019

United States, Texas, Robinson  (3.6 Star)

Review of A Night Alone With You

Hello Mr Smythe  Really a bang-up traditional country song, all the right sounds in the right places, the fiddle laid the start of your song out to perfection and the vocals were crisp and clear blending in with the rest of your band. You have found really nice toe-tapping original unique little tune here and I would highly recommend everyone to take a listen to A Night Alone With You! Thanks for sharing with us this great piece of music! I loved the harmony and the picking!

Reviewed by texassongwriter  Feb 08-2019
United States, Texas, Cushing  (4.8 Star)

Someone's Heart Is Breaking Cover

Someone's HEART is Breaking

Hello, again Don...You have managed to put together another pleasant tune but this time the lyrics are about a heartbreaking story that I'm sure many people can relate to some time in their lives when they have a breakup. The music is well balanced not overriding your voice. A couple of nifty little rifts that are in good taste. Congratulations...I see your songs are doing well on the New Zealand Charts...keep up the good work...Cheers Johnny Shilo Melbourne Au

Reviewed by JOHNNY SHILO  Aug 30-2019
Australia, Melbourne  (3.9 Star)

Someone's Heart Is Breaking


Maybe I'm just a sucker for traditional country, but this is extremely well written, performed, and mixed! The effort and detail shine through. It's refreshing to hear music that has a distinction from all of the other stuff cranked out by the "Nashville Machine" where you can't tell where the last song ended, and the current one began. It takes me back to when country was country. Thank you for keeping it real! =Hank=

Reviewed by Hank Lewis  July 21-2019

United States, Indiana, Hamilton  (5.0 Star)

Someone's Heart Is Breaking

Someone's Heart is Breaking-Review

Hi Don. As much as I don't spend too much time with the achy breaky heart stuff, you have a very nicely played song. The number of instrumentals are "just enough," so as to not make it sound cluttered. They are nicely mixed. I always love the dobro in just about every country song. Nice accents, fills and harmonizing with the mandolin. Your voice is clear enough to understand the words easily, and the harmonies are just enough to add fullness at the right times; yet not enough to take away from the melody. Keep up the good work my friend. Yours in Christ, Trev.

Reviewed by Trevor Toews  Apr 01-2019
Canada, Alberta, Edmonton  (4.5 Star)

Nowhere's Too Far Cover

Nowhere's Too Far-Review

Good morning Don. I love the intro of the song and the melody throughout the entire tune. You've got a great raspy voice that suits a country song. Great instrumentals through-out as well, and nice instrumental piece to break the song up. At first, I struggled and struggled with trying to make sense of the "nowhere's too far from your love," but as I listened to it a few times I began to see it . . . I think the relationship isn't going where you would like it to go? It's definitely a song that makes one think about something deeper, rather than just plain lyrics that are as plain as the nose on one's face. lol. It's also refreshing to hear a song that is not crying about what some previous "lover" has done to hurt you. This one is more about the love chase that happens to most all in life. Keep up the great work my friend and may the good Lord bless and guide you further along on your musical journey of life. Trev.

Reviewed by Trevor Toews 
Canada, Alberta, Edmonton  (4.7 Star)

"Nowhere's Too Far" is definitely somewhere you should go

Don Smythe's song "Nowhere's Too Far" is a charming old school country song with a Spanish flavour worth tasting. The musical arrangement is both tasteful and sincere in its composition. The sing-song lyrics combine with the easy upbeat tempo to make you want to tap your feet or even get up and start boot scooting across the dance floor as if you were up on that high chaparral with your doll babe whirling that girl around until that beautiful sunrise. It's a happy tune laced with Spanish guitar, tasty telecaster licks, and all the Fixin's that make for a great Country Western song. I love this song and you will too if you're of the mind for an old school Country love song. The kind you wanna share with your baby. Great performance and production work, Don! You really put this one together right.

Reviewed by Rikki Todd 
United States, Texas, Austin  (4.3 Star)

Nowhere's Too Far
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