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Country Rock

Keeping the Traditional Country Rock Alive

Country music has a lot of background in different styles mixed into it. Gospel, Rockabilly, Blues, Folk, and others have made Country music what it is today. Country Rock has artists like Travis Tritt, Marty Stuart, Garth Brooks, Brooks and Dunn, and a few others that gathered the Rockabilly era from the 50s and mixed it in with Country music. It became popular in the 90s. What is impressive is how the music stayed Country even during the turning of the era. The reason Country Rock stayed true to its tradition is that the heart and soul remained with it. When big money took over at the turn of the century, Country music lost a lot of its traditional fan base. Now we find artists like Don Smythe, bringing back the trend to the younger generation. As more artists like Don Smythe come to light, people appreciate the tradition much more. They realize what was missing when these artists perform and sing.

Traditional Country Rock appeals to the younger generation as they listen to what their parents from the 80s and 90s grew up hearing. If one puts the traditional Country Rock up against today's Country music, one can see the difference and tell the heart and soul were sold out to big money. People are returning to traditional Country Rock, and the music industry realizes the big mistake they made. That is the real reason why artists like Don Smythe have their albums doing so well. Trends always make a comeback when they are honest, and people feel it. When a person listens to the tracks, the musicians' talent can be heard through the excellent production. Don Smythe's vocals, the background vocals, and the featured musicians mixed with the traditional instruments take the album to a higher level of appreciation for the fans.

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